Why is Vin Hair Factory becoming the leading wholesale hair vendor in Vietnam

In many current wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam, Vin Hair Factory has always maintained its position with a high reputation for product quality as well as 24/7 customer care service, always prioritizing every customers’ wishes.

What do you know about Vin Hair Factory?

What did you know about Vin Hair Factory? Here is a brief overview of Vin Hair’s hair extension for you
With the principle of bringing Vietnamese products to the world, Vin Hair Factory has become the first market in Vietnam to do that. You can access Vin Hair – The Best Vietnamese Hair Factory website to see more information about them.

Currently, Vin Hair Factory has cooperated with many wholesale hair vendors in the world and exchanged products originating from Vietnam to the international market. All products such as virgin hair extension, bulk hair extension, tape/tip hair extension, weft hair extension,…are highly appreciated by customers in terms of quality as well as design and color. All of these things have created the prestige of the Vin Hair Factory up to now in the Vietnamese and foreign markets.

Vin Hair Vendor is famous for supplying high quality hair

Development of Vin Hair Factory

After many years of establishment and development, here are some of the achievements that Vin Hair Factory has achieved:

Cooperate with many wholesale hair vendors in the world

This must be the great success of Vin Hair Factory when it is trusted by many wholesale hair markets around the world:

  • Africa: this is a potential wholesale hair market for Vin Hair Factory because the demand for hair extensions is quite high there. The original hair of the African people is often short and curly due to the impact of the natural environment and climate. Under the hot sun, African people’s hair also changes to become curly and dry to avoid the sun of that land damaging their scalp. That’s why people here always have a need for hair extensions to make their hair long, smooth and shiny.
  • Europe: This wholesale market is quite popular because their original hair is light hair color, and relatively thin, so they want really bouncy hair and Vin Hair Factory is one of their top choices. Moreover, they sometimes want to have dark hair but don’t want to dye or apply any chemicals on their hair so Vin Hair Factory will solve all their problems. Currently Vin Hair Factory is still keeping a good relationship with all the hair dealers in Europe with the prestige and high quality of products in such a demanding market.
  • America: This market is the most diverse in terms of customer types and therefore the needs of this market are also very rich. Vin Hair Factory has provided a wide range of products to this market and has always received very positive feedback from them. The prestige of Vin Hair Factory is because of receiving love from many types of customers from this land.

Professional production line

The production line is the source of every wholesale hair market’s success:

  • Vin Hair factory’s production system is always working at full capacity with a professional team to make high quality products from the best raw materials, which are Vietnamese women’s hair.
  • With a large and professional system, Vin Hair Vendor has been creating a great reputation in the international markets with a wide range of products such as tape/tip hair extension, wig, weft hair extension,… With a production line that is always running smoothly, Vin Hair’s hair extension never let customers complain about delivery or advise customers because Vin Hair Factory’s staff are well-trained and experienced, always serving their best.
Vin Hair supplies numerous choices of products

Top quality brand

Why say Vin Hair Factory is one of the top brands? Let’s find out below:

  • The supply of Vin Hair factory comes from Vietnamese women or from salons and basically all of them are original Vietnamese hair. With Vietnamese hair factory in the world, surely hair dealers are no stranger to good hair materials like Vietnamese hair, which are extremely shiny, strong and not easily damaged. It is for that reason that Vin Hair Factory has created extremely good and high-quality products, but because there is a local supply, the price at Vin Hair Factory is extremely affordable, suitable for many customers.
  • The products that Vin Hair Factory makes and exports to other markets around the world with high durability can usually be kept in storage for 3 to 5 years and kept in the hair for 3 to 5 months. This is one of the important factors for Vin Hair Factory to win the trust of customers. Any customer when it comes to beauty wants to be able to keep that beauty for a long time and hair is an important factor that determines the beauty of each person.
Vin Hair Factory is the top hair quality brand

Best choice of wholesale hair markets: Vin Hair Factory

Here are some reasons why you should choose Vin Hair Factory:

  • Always give priority to all customers’ wishes, answer all questions 24/7.
  • High quality products and long-standing reputation in the industry of manufacturing hair products.
  • A variety of product categories for customers to choose from many different preferential prices.

For more detailed information, you can visit our website which include all information for your hair business. With 10-year experienced wholesale hair vendor, we assure all thing you need you can check on me. Click here to find out your answer: 

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