Virgin blonde hair extensions: Quality products and full of personality

Virgin blonde hair extensions are a hairstyle that used to be popular in Europe because Europeans’ natural hair color is light. However, because aesthetic tastes have evolved and light hair color is becoming more fashionable, there are numerous wholesale hair marketplaces around the world that also appreciate Virgin blonde hair extensions.


Virgin blonde hair extensions are in high demand.

Virgin blonde hair extensions are a very popular product in Europe, so wholesale hair markets often choose to produce a large quantity of them because the benefits they bring from the European market are about 10 to 20 times higher than the benefits they bring from other wholesale hair markets around the world. It is very popular in the African and Asian markets, where many celebrities have promoted the excellent blonde image, enhancing the value of Virgin blonde hair extensions.

Virgin blonde hair extensions have a long history.

Virgin blonde hair extensions are unique in that they are not widely available; therefore, where did they originate? Let’s have a look:

 Virgin blonde hair extensions imported from the West

This is undoubtedly the origin of Virgin blonde hair extensions: countries with white complexion and characteristic blonde hair:

When it comes to western countries, it’s impossible to overlook Europe, which is known for its stunning Virgin blonde hair extensions. Selling hair to hair merchants used to be a popular business when the economy couldn’t meet the requirements of the people. Because of the plentiful supply, the markets produced a variety of Virgin blonde hair extensions and sold them at a high price to other wholesale hair markets that lacked this particular hair color. As a result, the company makes a lot of money.

The wholesale hair market’s supply for Virgin blonde hair extensions has gradually dried up now that the European market has a strong economy and the sale of hair is nearly non-existent. As a result, there are currently just a few places that create Virgin blonde hair extensions made entirely of indigenous people’s hair; the rest has been chemically bleached and treated before being sold on the wholesale hair market.

 Other wholesale hair providers have Virgin blonde hair extensions.

Now that there are a lot of wholesale hair markets that know how to create Virgin blonde hair extensions, it’s growing more popular:

Recognizing the benefits of Virgin blonde hair extensions, markets such as Asia, Africa, and America have produced blonde hair products that are comparable to those available in Europe. As a result, the cost of Virgin blonde hair extensions has decreased, making them more affordable to a wider range of customers.

And, in order to manufacture flawless Virgin blonde hair extensions, it’s vital to start with high-quality raw materials that can endure the bleaching and dyeing processes. These materials are mostly made up of 100 percent real human hair that has been bleached and separated into different degrees. Virgin blonde hair extensions will be significantly easier to manufacture using the following method. Because these markets have such a diverse supply, it is possible to make as many products as Virgin blonde hair extensions.

Virgin blonde hair extensions are available from wholesale hair dealers all around the world.

If you’re unfamiliar with these wholesale blonde hair markets, here’s some background information:

India: despite having a non-synchronously developed economy, many individuals still have a hard time making ends meet, therefore they prefer to sell hair as an extra source of income. Because the Indian market’s production stage is still rudimentary and unprofessional, the quality of Virgin blonde hair extensions does not endure very long, therefore buyers who choose to buy products here should do so with caution. Although India’s hair products are of poor quality, it is one of the prospective markets for Virgin blonde hair extensions.

Vietnam: this is a prospective hair market since Vietnam’s hair is of good quality all year thanks to its climate-changing environment, providing strength to the hair, and the usage of herbs has made Vietnamese people’s hair more lustrous and silky. Blonde hair extension items are also exceptionally well manufactured, ensuring longevity and not being harmed for a long time, thanks to the excellent grade of raw materials used. This is also why many markets have traveled to Vietnam to purchase Virgin blonde hair extensions.

China: Previously, China was a very promising market because of its plentiful supply and the fact that Chinese women had a culture of wearing their hair long. Hair is no longer as popular as it once was when the economy was much more established. Instead, the Chinese market had to import hair from India and then construct Virgin blonde hair extensions on Chinese production lines. As a result, the product’s quality isn’t particularly high, therefore shoppers should keep that in mind when selecting these items.

The 5S hair factory is the customer’s go-to place where has Virgin blonde hair extensions

Here are some of the reasons why you should go with 5S hair factory:

Professional staff is constantly ready to supply high-quality, trustworthy products from a wide range of categories, with the needs of consumers always being prioritized.


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