Vietnam T-shirt Price For Wholesale Business Latest Updates

Vietnam T-shirt manufacturers stand out as the preferred choice for wholesale companies. Explore Vietnam T-shirt prices to optimize your business.

Vietnam is an appealing option for merchants globally due to its reputation for providing high-quality apparel at a cheap price. Discover the price lists and factors influencing the Vietnam T-shirt price to get the best deals.

1. Vietnam T-shirt price for some popular tees

Vietnam T-shirt prices vary based on a number of variables, including fabric materials, designs, etc. Let’s delve into some popular T-shirt types in Vietnam.

1.1. Vietnam T-shirt prices of some popular materials

One major aspect influencing Vietnam T-shirt price is the quality of the cloth used. The following table will show how the fabric impacts the T-shirt price in Vietnam.

Feature  Price
Cotton Cotton fabric is favored for T-shirts due to its exceptional qualities. Derived from soft cotton fibers and a blend of chemical substances, it offers excellent sweat absorption, coolness, easy coloring, and resistance to mold and mildew. T-shirts made from cotton in Vietnam are typically more expensive compared to other materials. The price of 100% cotton spandex fabric varies between 6 to 8 USD per 1kg, influenced by factors such as color and the quantity purchased.
PE (polyester) Polyester (PE) is synthesized from industrial alcohol and acid. T-shirts crafted from polyester boast thickness, a level of fire resistance, and waterproofing. Moreover, polyester garments are recognized for their exceptional durability. Here are the prices for some popular PE fabrics on the market:

  • 4-way spandex polyester fabric: $3–$4 per kilogram.
  • 2-way spandex polyester fabric: $2–$3 per kilogram.
  • Fabric lined with polyester: 0.5 to $1 USD/kg
Linen fabric Linen fabric is an ideal choice for T-shirts due to its rapid absorption and evaporation properties. It efficiently handles high humidity without making the wearer feel wet, making it an optimal choice. The cost of linen materials for Vietnam T-shirts is between 2.5 and 4 USD.

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1.2. Vietnam T-shirt prices of some popular designs

The pricing of a T-shirt can also be influenced by its design. T-shirts featuring elaborate designs or distinctive patterns tend to be pricier compared to plain ones. Here are approximate prices for some popular T-shirts in Vietnam:

T-shirts types Prices 
Plain T-shirts Typically, simple plain T-shirts may range from $5 to $50, with an average price falling around $15 to $20.
Vintage T-shirts Vietnam T-shirt prices for vintage shirts can vary, starting from approximately $20 for a basic, well-worn shirt, and reaching several hundred dollars or more for rare or highly sought-after designs.
Print T-shirts The typical cost of a simple printed T-shirt is between $15 and $20, with prices typically exceeding $30.

2. Factors affecting the Vietnam T-shirt prices and Vietnam shirt prices

The initial consideration for individuals when purchasing a T-shirt is its price. Various factors influence the pricing of Vietnam T-shirts, including the type of fabric, patterns or images, the quantity of T-shirts, the style, and the manufacturing facility.

2.1. Fabric material

Diverse fabrics incur varying production costs, influencing the ultimate price of Vietnam T-shirts.

  • The fabric’s cost is a key factor affecting Vietnam t-shirt prices, with natural materials like cotton being costlier than synthetics such as polyester. Cotton, due to its intricate cultivation process, can be pricier. Fabric production methods, machinery, and labor also impact costs; natural fibers involve a more complex process than synthetic ones.
  • The manufacturing process, particularly for intricate fabrics, adds to production expenses. High-quality fabrics undergo rigorous control measures, making them more expensive.
    This quality not only affects T-shirt aesthetics but also influences wholesalers’ willingness to pay more, thereby affecting the final Vietnam T-shirt price.

A premium fabric contributes not just to the cost but also enhances the shirt’s comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Fabric quality
Fabric quality

2.2. Designs and patterns printed on T-shirt

The Vietnam T-shirt price may be influenced by factors related to patterns and printed designs such as color variations, and the size of the image or pattern.

  • A T-shirt in Vietnam with a simple one-color print is generally more affordable compared to one with a multi-color design or intricate pattern that demands detailed printing. Cheap branded clothes in Vietnam are produced simply. Customized T-shirts with unique designs may have a higher price due to additional production efforts.
  • Printing methods, including screen printing and digital printing, contribute to costs. Screen printing, common but requiring separate screens for each color, may increase prices. In contrast, digital printing offers cost-effective solutions for complex designs.

Ultimately, the patterns and images printed on a T-shirt are significant determinants of its price in Vietnam. Wholesalers should carefully consider these factors when assessing the Vietnam T-shirt price before placing orders.

2.3. The quantity of T-shirts

The T-shirt price in Vietnam is influenced by the quantity ordered, following the common principle that larger orders lead to more favorable pricing.

  • Orders with larger quantities generally benefit from reduced unit costs. Bulk purchasing of materials lowers the cost per unit, resulting in a lower price per T-shirt.
  • Similarly, the cost of labor plays a significant role. As the number of T-shirts produced increases, the cost of labor per unit decreases. This is attributed to the spreading of fixed hiring and training costs across a larger number of units.

In summary, the number of T-shirts needed for production is a crucial factor influencing the Vietnam T-shirt price. Larger quantities lead to cost savings, allowing businesses to offer more competitive prices for larger orders.


2.4. T-shirt style

The Vietnam T-shirt price varies with each style. T-shirts featuring intricate designs, patterns, or logos may incur higher production costs due to the additional time and resources required.

  • T-shirts associated with well-known fashion brands or renowned designers usually come with a higher price tag. The reputation and exclusivity associated with these brands contribute to the elevated cost.
  • T-shirts with a more tailored or fitted cut typically involve a different production process than looser, more casual styles. This can result in a higher manufacturing cost, influencing the final price.
  • T-shirts released as part of limited editions or exclusive collections may be priced higher due to their scarcity and unique features.

In summary, the style of a T-shirt encompasses various factors that contribute to its production costs, influencing the overall price that consumers pay.

4. How to negotiate the best Vietnam T-shirt prices

Negotiating the best T-shirt price in Vietnam involves effective communication, understanding the factors influencing pricing, and building a mutually beneficial relationship with suppliers. Here are steps to help negotiate favorable terms:

  • Research and Benchmark: Conduct market research to understand the standard pricing for T-shirts in Vietnam. With this information, negotiations will have a benchmark.
  • Volume Commitment: If possible, commit to a larger order volume. Suppliers often offer better prices for bulk orders, leveraging economies of scale.
  • Clearly Define Requirements: Clearly communicate your specific requirements regarding materials, design, and quality, ensuring mutual understanding and preventing challenges.
  • Understand Cost Components: Break down the cost components such as material, labor, and overhead. Understanding these elements will empower you during negotiations.
  • Request Sample Pricing: Request sample pricing for different quantities and variations. This can provide insights into how pricing changes with different order sizes and specifications.
  • Long-Term Commitments: Express your interest in a long-term partnership. Suppliers may be more willing to offer better prices for a consistent and reliable customer.

Remember, negotiation is a collaborative process, and maintaining a positive and respectful approach is key to reaching a mutually beneficial agreement.

5. Top suppliers offering affordable Vietnam T-shirt price

It’s important to note that supplier pricing may vary based on factors such as order volume, customization, and specific requirements. Here are some suppliers in Vietnam known for offering T-shirts at competitive prices:

5.1. Vinaz Garment

Vinaz Garment stands out as a prominent Vietnam clothing manufacturer known for delivering top-notch products at competitive rates. Renowned for their extensive selection of T-shirt designs, they prioritize the use of high-quality and durable materials.

For those seeking a leading Vietnam clothing supplier for wholesale T-shirts, Vinaz Garment is a viable choice. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research, compare prices, and review customer feedback to ensure optimal value for your investment.

Vinaz Garment Factory
Vinaz Garment Factory

5.2. specializes in crafting a variety of T-shirt types, ensuring customer satisfaction through a proficient production team and years of experience. If you’re in search of an experienced factory offering reasonable prices for Vietnam T-shirts, is a commendable option.

5.3. Kabuto Vietnam

Kabuto, a self-producing manufacturer, guarantees customers the best deals as they directly produce their goods. Kabuto focuses on customer satisfaction by providing T-shirts at fair prices with a quick turnaround. The workshop’s strength lies in staying updated with new trends, offering a diverse selection of models that align with the preferences of today’s youth.

5.4. Hai Hai Shop

HaiHai Shop, with three years of market experience, specializes in wholesale T-shirts and aspires to become one of the top wholesale T-shirt factories in Ho Chi Minh City. The company ensures competitive pricing by having its own T-shirt sewing facility. Offering a diverse range of choices, including T-shirts for all sizes and ages, as well as standard cotton-spandex options, Hai Hai Shop aims to meet customer needs effectively.

5.5. Victory Garment Company

Victory Garment stands out for its diverse wholesale T-shirt styles, quick operations, and customization expertise for events and branding. Notably, their spacious factory and reasonable minimum order quantity (MOQ) make them a convenient choice for startups and small fashion stores.

These above are all good factories in Vietnam. You can also check Vinaz Garment out through their website.


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