Make a wise purchase by reading AZ Hair Vietnam reviews

Buying Vietnamese hair can be daunting as there are several Vietnamese hair suppliers. Among them, AZ Hair stands out for their extensive product selection, reasonable rates, and top-notch customer support. If you want to know more about them, read this AZ Hair Vietnam reviews.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews: Company overview

AZ Hair Vietnam is a reputable and skilled Vietnamese business that produces and sells wholesale human hair to all corners of the globe.In the more than ten years since they began researching and supplying wholesale human hair products, they have built a solid reputation, a household name, and a well-known brand name in the worldwide market. A significant step in the growth of AZ Hair Vietnam to show up in Alibaba, which is a vast e-commerce base. Everything about this famous hair vendor will be revealed in the next parts of AZ Hair Vietnam reviews.

AZ Hair Vietnam is a reputable hair company.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews on products

Numerous hair extension alternatives, including hair bulk, hair extensions, wave hair, frontals and closures, are offered by AZ Hair Vietnam, according to the majority of AZ Hair Vietnam reviews and evaluations. The most common of them are ready-to-wear wigs, tape-in hair, wave hair, bulk hair, and keratin hair. They also provide a selection of colors, textures, and lengths.

  • Materials: AZ Hair use raw hair from Vietnam as their main materials. Raw Vietnamese hair is a high quality hair type, which ensures the quality of products supplied by AZ Hair Vietnam.
  • Textures: bone-straight, natural straight, curly and wavy
  • Sizes: 8 to 34 inches
  • Price: starting at 11$
  • Colors: available in a variety of tones, including black, dark brown, chestnut brown, honey brown, dark blonde to light, medium blonde and colorful hues like orange, pink, and yellow.

Many customers said in AZ Hair Vietnam reviews that they adore the product diversity. You can simply locate what you need thanks to the large assortment of hair kinds, hues , lengths, and textures available.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews on hair quality

Many customers leave positive comments in AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about the hair quality. The gorgeous hues of AZ Hair Vietnam’s colored hair products perfectly complement the clients’ own hair. Although glossy, the hair lacks softness, and treatments for colored hair have an intense, unwelcome dye odor.
The hair product from AZ Hair Vietnam is meticulously and solidly stitched, however after just a few usages, the hair begins to tangle and shed.
AZ Hair Vietnam reviews highlight how simple it is to care for them. Customers may manage and clean them the same way as their own hair without causing any harm to the hair item.

Here are some of the feedbacks:

  • “I was pleasantly delighted by the positive AZ Hair Vietnam reviews. I felt very confident since the hair I purchased was lustrous and matched my real hair perfectly. I’ll surely come back here again to make additional purchases”. Elise, from France.
  • “I made my first purchase from AZ Hair Vietnam reviews, and they didn’t let me down. Because the hair was of excellent quality and was securely sewed, I felt at ease wearing it. I advise you to check out Lady Hair Vietnam”. Elody, South Africa
  • Nevertheless, there are still complaints about AZ Hair Vietnam’s hair quality that persist. One such complaint reads, “Such a letdown, I had been waiting for my extensions to arrive for a while and the items I was given was so tangled and falling and with such an awful scent. This is my final purchase from Lady Hair Vietnam. – Lily, USA.

When purchasing hair from AZ Hair Vietnam, you can be at peace of mind about the product’s quality, however, there is something you need to think twice before making a purchase such as the odor of dyed hair or tangling and shedding problems.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews on price

Prices for hair extensions might vary significantly depending on the kind and caliber of hair used. However, the majority of AZ Hair Vietnam reviews indicate that the company’s pricing is quite affordable when compared to those of other companies.

  • The cost of a hair bundle in bulk ranges from 12 to 46 USD.
  • The starting price for weave hair is $13 USD per item.
  • Costs for tape-in hair start at around 15.9 USD.
  • Costs for lace closures start at 33 USD.

The price will change according to the length, color, and condition. Undoubtedly, colored hair is more expensive than natural hair, and curly hair might cost more than wavy and straight hair.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews: Their service

When reading AZ Hair Vietnam reviews, people are mainly concerned about good service. Let’s start now.

  • Customer service: Customer service is also another feature in AZ Hair Vietnam reviews that distinguishes AZ Hair Factory. They go to great lengths to ensure that consumers are happy with their purchases and are always prompt to answer any inquiries or issues.
  • Ample choices for returns and exchanges: The fact that AZ Hair Factory offers return and exchange possibilities pleased me about their refund and exchange policy. If you’re unhappy with the item you bought, you have 30 days to return it for a refund in full or an exchange. This allows you lots of time to try the hair on and ensure that it fits you well.
  • Warranty policy: They also provide a warranty policy that covers any hair flaws for a maximum of six months following purchase.

The clients adore AZ Hair Vietnam reviews because of the excellent service. This is one aspect that encourages people to return for their future buy.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews about shipping

The shipping process, so said in various AZ Hair Vietnam reviews, is fast, reliable and stress-free.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews on delivery

Based on AZ Hair Vietnam reviews, FedEx, agents, DHL, and UPS are just a few of the delivery options that Lady Hair Vietnam provides.

  • Deliveries to Canada and the US are made in about 3–5 days.
  • Shipping to Europe and the United Kingdom takes roughly 5-7 days.
  • African nations are shipped to in 7–10 days.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews’ shipping policy is a great perk for customers, and their fast delivery is a definite plus. However, some customers may complain about the delayed delivery.

AZ Hair Vietnam accepts various payment methods.

AZ Hair Vietnam reviews on tracking process

Order tracking is just another fantastic aspect of AZ Hair’s shipment, which receives a lot of endorsement from customers in AZ Hair Vietnam reviews.
They offer status updates so you can monitor your item and determine the precise time of arrival. It’s comforting to constantly be aware of the progress of your purchase, and AZ Hair’s monitoring data makes this simple.


In conclusion, AZ Hair Vietnam reviews highly recommend this hair vendor for anybody searching for high-caliber hair extensions at a reasonable cost. Their products come in a variety of colors and textures to fit your needs and are created entirely from human hair. Their website is simple to use, and their customer service staff is always there to answer any inquiries or address any issues. In addition, you may feel secure in your purchase thanks to their welcoming return and exchange policy.
Try AZ Hair Vietnam if you’re tired of limp or thin hair. You won’t be let down!

If AZ Hair is not suitable for your needs and you want to find other alternatives, refer to the top hair factories in the world here:

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