How to take care of pink hair to avoid breakage

In order to have beautiful pink hair, you will have to bleach your hair. The bleaching will make the hair prone to breakage and weaken the outside cuticles. Here are the tips on How to take care of pink hair to avoid breakage

How to take care of pink hair to avoid breakage

In order to achieve pink hair, most of the time, you will help to bleach your hair. We all know that bleach makes the hair weak and tends to be coarse and broken. Here are some tips to take care of pink hair.

Let dyed pink hair  dry naturally after shampooing

Due to busy work, lack of free space many people after washing often have the habit of using a hair dryer to quickly dry pink hair. In fact, this is extremely harmful. With high temperature, indeed your hair will quickly dry, but it is only temporary, and later the hair will suffer many consequences. Especially with dyed pink hair, this easily leads to unpredictable dullness.

Let dyed pink hair  dry naturally after shampooing

  • To avoid this consequence, try to let your hair dry naturally when possible! This method does not take much time, is easy to do, but extremely beneficial, helping to keep the dye color longer.
  • For urgent schools, needing dry hair immediately because of work, you should use a dry towel to cover your head. Try to gently wipe until the hair is dry, in a slightly damp state, and then use the dryer directly on the towel until the hair is dry to 20%, then stop. This tip keeps the heat out of direct contact with the hair and minimizes damage.

Avoid exposure of dyed pink hair to sunlight

Use a wide-brimmed hat to protect your pink hair when exposed to the sun

Avoid exposure of dyed pink hair to sunlight

  • Not only dyed hair, the sun is also the quintessence of normal hair. But for dye color, the sun as the crystal engraver doubles in size. Direct sunlight will quickly turn your hair into brittle, dry, brittle damaging your hair to the point of weak lint.
  • Some dyes become more shimmering when exposed to the sun, but they only have the effect of catching the sun, not at all. In the long run, the consequences are similar to normal hair colors.
  • The advice in this case is that you should use a hairspray/sunscreen specifically for your hair when going out, along with a wide-brimmed hat if possible. This is the best way to protect healthy hair.

Change your diet for healthy pink hair

The daily diet menu has a direct impact on your health as well as your hair color. Supplementing with nutrients daily helps provide energy to help hair grow better and brighter. Add iron-rich foods to effectively nourish the scalp and hair by building a strong layer of keratin that protects the pink hair, proteins that help strengthen hair, improve texture and stimulate hair growth.

Change your diet for healthy pink hair

Should add foods such as lean meat, fish, low-fat cheese, spinach, egg whites, soybeans, etc to help the hair color always look the best. Besides, you add snacks such as fruits, grains, vegetables and nuts.

Don’t dye your pink hair too often

The habit of regularly dyeing your hair to maintain the pink hair color can make your hair prone to damage. 

Don’t dye your pink hair too often

Therefore, it is not recommended to stain more than once in about 5-6 weeks. When the hair grows out, the black roots begin to appear, you can use products on the market to cover until the next dye.

Use “mask” for dyed pink hair at home

One of the ways to take care of dyed pink hair and keep the color of dyed hair is to apply a hair mask. This is also a way to protect hair from free radicals and increase shine. Here are some homemade masks from natural ingredients for hair care after dyeing:

Use “mask” for dyed pink hair at home

Care for dyed hair with egg white and honey

To do this, do the following:

  • Take 1 egg white and 2-3 tablespoons of honey and beat it into a paste.
  • Incubate your hair for about 30 minutes then rinse with clean water

The above nutrients help maintain moisture in the hair and keep the hair color longer.


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