Blonde hair extension: Top choice in the field of beauty

Blonde hair extension is a hairstyle that used to be popular in the European market because the original hair color of Europeans is light. But now in the world, there are many wholesale hair markets that also like blonde hair extensions because the aesthetic taste has changed a lot and light hair color is also more popular.

Blonde hair extension

The demand for blonde hair extension

Blonde hair extensions are very popular products in Europe, so wholesale hair markets often choose it to produce a lot because the benefits it brings from the European market are about 10 to 20 times higher than other wholesale hair markets in the world. More specifically, it is also very popular in the African and Asian markets when many celebrities have promoted the outstanding blonde image, making blonde hair extension’s value increasingly high.

The origin of blonde hair extension

Blonde hair extension is quite special because it is not available everywhere, so where does its origin come from? Let’s find out:

The origin of blonde hair extension

Blonde hair extension from western countries

Countries with white skin and characteristic blonde hair, this is surely blonde hair extension’s origin:

  • When it comes to western countries, it is definitely impossible to ignore Europe, a land very famous for its beautiful blonde hair extension. Before, when the economic situation could not meet the needs of the people, selling hair to hair merchants was still a popular business. Thanks to the available supply, the markets made it in different varieties and sold blonde hair extensions to other wholesale hair markets that did not have this particular hair color at a high price. Thereby generating great profits for the business.
  • However, now that the European market has a strong economy and the sale of hair is almost nonexistent, the wholesale hair market’s supply for blonde hair extensions has gradually dried up. Therefore, at present, there are only a few places that produce blonde hair extensions, which are made from 100% of indigenous people’s hair, the rest have been chemically bleached and processed to be sold on the wholesale hair market.

Blonde hair extension from other wholesale hair vendors

Now there are many wholesale hair markets that know how to make blonde hair extension so it is gradually becoming popular:

  • Recognizing blonde hair extension’s advantages, markets such as Asia, Africa, and America have also made blonde hair products that are not inferior to the European market. Thereby reducing the cost of blonde hair extension to be suitable for many customers.
  • And in order to make blonde hair extensions perfectly, it is first necessary to select high-quality raw materials that can withstand the chemical processes used to bleach and dye it. These materials come mainly from 100% real human hair, then divided into different levels and bleached. With the above method, blonde hair extension will be much easier for the markets to produce . Since the supply of these markets is quite diverse, it is possible to create as many products as blonde hair extension does.

The wholesale hair vendors have blonde hair extension in the world

If you are not familiar with these wholesale blonde hair markets here is some information for you:

Blonde hair extension in the world
  • India: with a non-synchronously developed economy, there are still many people who have a difficult life, so they still choose to sell hair as an external source of income. Blonde hair extension’s quality does not last too long because the production stage of the Indian market is still rudimentary and unprofessional, so if customers choose to buy products here, they also need to consider carefully. India’s hair products are not so good in quality, but they are also one of the potential markets for blonde hair extension production.
  • Vietnam: this is a potential market for hair because of the fact that Vietnam’s hair is of high quality thanks to its climate-changing environment all year round, adding strength to the hair and the use of herbs has made the hair of Vietnamese people more shiny and smooth. Thanks to the high quality of raw materials, blonde hair extension products are also extremely well made, ensuring durability and not being damaged for a long time. This is also the reason that many markets have come to Vietnam to buy blonde hair extensions.
  • China: Previously, China was a very potential market because of its abundant supply because Chinese women had a tradition of growing long hair. But when the economy is much more developed, selling hair is not as popular as before. Instead, to produce blonde hair extensions, the Chinese market had to import hair from India, and then use Chinese production lines to make blonde hair extensions. Therefore, the quality of the product is not really outstanding, so customers need to consider when choosing these products.

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