Tape in hair extension: Quick and convenient choice for the beauty of hair

Tape in hair extension is a type of tape but has been modified to be more suitable for customers who prefer speed without pain. With tape in hair extension, customers also don’t have to worry that they will have to change many times because the product’s degree of certainty is high.

tape in hair extension

Overview about tape in hair extension

Tape in hair extension is a specially designed hairstyle that will have a special clip at the hairline. When salons use it on a customer’s hair, it is very simple and quick to stick it to the customer’s hairline and the hair will immediately be longer and thicker without causing damage. Tape in hair extension is a very popular style because of its convenience and does not harm the real hair of the customer.

Materials of tape in hair extension

For each type, there will be different materials, so let’s see what tape in hair extension is made of:

Tape in virgin hair extension

Tape in virgin hair extension is manufactured from real human hair with high quality, lustrous shine and meets strict standards.

  • Quality plays a very important role in the production process so virgin hair is the first choice in all materials. Tape in virgin hair extension is made with high quality, high durability, and can withstand many impacts such as bleaching, dyeing, style, … even blonde hair extension. So tape in virgin hair extension’s price is also higher than other types.
  • With this material, tape in hair extensions can be kept in storage for 4 to 5 years and in hair for 4 to 5 months. Such high durability must always be the first choice to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Tape in remy hair extension

Although this material is not equal to virgin, tape in remy hair extension also has many advantages, let’s see below:

  • Tape in remy hair extension is obtained from many different hair types compared to virgin, the quality is not 100% perfect. However, to make tape in remy hair extension, remy hair has also been handled very carefully through the stages and professional staff, so the quality of remy is also highly appreciated.
  • And with remy material, tape in remy hair extension’s cost is also greatly reduced and is chosen by many customers because of its convenience equivalent to tape in virgin hair extension but the price is very affordable. That’s why remy is gradually becoming popular in the wholesale hair market.

Why should customers should choose tape in hair extension

There are many types on the market for customers to choose from, but here are some reasons why you should immediately think about buying yourself a tape in hair extension:

why should you choose tape in hair extension
  • High durability: compared to other products on the market, tape in hair extensions stand out with the plus point of being very durable, especially when customers can use it many times without worrying about damage to hair or tape in hair extension . With a special way of pinning to the hair, making tape in hair extensions easy for customers to remove and use on different occasions, not fixed to the hair like a normal tape/tip hair extension.
  • Easy to handle: with a special design, customers do not need the help of a salon, but can easily handle tape in hair extension at home without causing any difficulty or damage to your real hair. In addition, you can stick it anywhere you like on your hair, for example using colorful tape in hair extensions to create highlights to make your hair look vibrant.
  • Reasonable price: if you are wondering because of the high price of tape hair extension, then tape in hair extension is definitely for you because the hair sections are divided into small bundles for easy selection for you to use and also very fit your wallet.

Where to buy high quality tape in hair extensions?

Below will be an introduction to 5S hair factory, a reliable place for you to buy the best quality tape in hair extension:

5S hair factory

The tape of 5S Hair is made from 100% original Vietnamese women’s hair with extremely high quality, without chemical treatment or any external influences. With strict standards on the selection of raw materials for tape in hair extension, 5S hair factory always confidently affirms the quality of the products it makes and with its rich experience, 5S hair extension always wins the trust of customers when choosing 5S hair factory as their prestigious wholesale hair vendor. The best hair which 5S Hair Factory can bring to you is Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions.

Come to 5S hair factory to get the best experience from service to quality of all kinds of hair products.

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