Signs that these are scam exterior rendering companies


In the article below, we’ll walk you through the basics and signs that you’re dealing with scam exterior rendering companies.

What are exterior rendering companies?

Exterior rendering companies are companies that provide rendering services, the architect’s idea of ​​the exterior to a visual image of the future building. Exterior rendering companies will have the task of consulting, providing the information that customers need to develop their ideas about the work or project they are about to do.

Signs that these are scam exterior rendering companies

In the following section we will introduce the signs that you need to watch out for when working with potentially fraudulent exterior rendering companies.

You may not find the basic information of companies visualization exterior

If you can not find the paper business registration, did not find any information, or source of information less restricted, or websites of those exterior rendering companies have a short lifespan. 


There will be two cases that the company has just been established and has no working experience. Or it’s a scam party, posing as exterior rendering companies to benefit themselves… In either case, you must not cooperate with such companies.

Those exterior rendering companies are trying to push you to pay as soon as possible

The mentality of scammers usually wants to get the money quickly and leave as soon as possible, leaving no trace. Therefore, if you encounter exterior rendering companies that are trying to urge you to quickly pay, then be careful and be wary of whether this company is a scam or not before transferring money. and pay them.

Exterior rendering companies often offer partnership offers with unbelievable benefits

Scamming exterior rendering companies will often make enticing, unbelievable offers in order to easily trick customers than with just a few words of seduction. 

Because for them, people who are deceived are often easily attracted and attracted by great benefits while their costs are low. 

They will give you a lower than market price to get their attention and entice you to place their order. Before replying to messages or calls from exterior painting companies that want to do business with you, you need to check the verified information of that company.


Payment transactions when your product is a very easy picture. You just need to transfer money to the exterior rendering companies to have them work for you. Due to the nature of the industry, scammers will take advantage of those weaknesses to scam and take money from you. As a business person and operating in the field of exterior rendering, you must be very vigilant and watch out for those who have suspicious actions.

These exterior rendering companies don’t understand the client’s ideas well

Exterior rendering companies can’t understand the client’s initial idea because:


  • Firstly, they are start-ups. The artists do not have enough qualifications and professional knowledge to understand and develop the client’s ideas.
  • Secondly, those exterior rendering companies have been established for a while but have not had the experience to participate in many large and small projects. Their ability to work and implement projects is slow and unprofessional.
  • Thirdly, those companies were only created for the purpose of fraud, without any preparation to serve customers who have needs of exterior renderings.

In all three cases above, it is best not to cooperate with them to avoid loss of money, time and effort.

These exterior rendering companies cannot meet the needs you are looking for

In this case, you should also not cooperate with such companies anymore. For reputable and famous exterior rendering companies, they will try to be able to meet your rendering needs. Besides, if they do not have enough qualifications or expertise regarding your questions and product 3d rendering software, they will introduce and answer you as politely as possible. Therefore, if you have been exposed to companies that are not enthusiastic while working with you, it is best not to cooperate with them anymore.

One of the reputable exterior rendering companies that you should refer to 

K-Render Studio is an established company. Up to now, they have more than 8 years of experience in the 3D rendering industry and 3D architectural rendering services. They have a lot of expertise and well-trained qualifications. Therefore, if you are in need of exterior rendering, then K-Render will be a good choice for one of the most reputable and quality exterior rendering companies.


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