Kenli showroom- one of the best projects of K-Render studio.

The Kenli showroom, like every project, has its own backstory. And our clients are always eager to include it in their renderings in order to satisfy their clientele. In this essay, we’ll show you how we attempted to recreate the stunning visualizations of the Kenli showroom.

Overview of Kenli Showroom

When K-Render Studio and the client met for the first time, the customer told us about the showroom’s owner in great detail. As a result, we were able to grasp the spirit of the project and produce the greatest renderings for our client to offer their customers.

  • General information about Kenli Showroom.

Kenli Showroom is a furniture showroom whose purpose is to provide consumers with the opportunity to see and feel exquisite furniture. The proprietor of the shop wanted his customers to see how expensive and exquisite the furniture is before making a purchase.

From the first phase of understanding design ideas to the final step of the rendering process, each 3D rendering product requires the care, meticulousness, and experience of the rendering artist. The artist’s skill and the superb design are both demonstrated by the realistic 3D portrayal. This article will show you great 3D rendering products of a furniture showroom – Kenli Showroom.

3D rendering image of kitchen area in Kenli Showroom
  • Customer’s requirement

K-Render discovered they hadn’t paid enough attention to the light aspect while speaking with our client. When it comes to seeing representations, light is a crucial aspect. As a result, K-Render has increased the number of light sources in order to give the showroom owner the impression that the rendering is accurate.
The K-Render Studio team, as one of the best 3D rendering studios, understood the client’s vision and worked hard to create the inside rendering as quickly as possible so that the client could show it to the showroom owner and offer him the most accurate representation of his Kenli store.

Renderings of Kenli Showroom

The showroom’s objective was clear to K-Render Studio, and we did our best to capture the mystery beauty of the space.

Kenli showroom by K-Render team

The rendering artists must be professional, attentive, and tireless in order to produce a render that captures the beauty, elegance, and mission of the showroom in the smallest amount of time. The K-Render Studio team satisfies all of these criteria of a 3D visualization company.

The light concentrates on high-end furniture

General information about K-render studio

  • Experience: With 8 years experience, K-Render is proud to serve the best quality.
  • Labors: K-Render Studio’s rendering artists are all experts in this discipline. We’ve worked on a variety of projects and have a wealth of experience. From there, we were able to finish the render swiftly while maintaining the image’s quality and the beauty of every element.

Important variables that contributed to the realistic drawings of Kenli showrooms

There are 3 factors that K-Render team pay attention to

  • Lighting

Given that Kenli is a furniture showroom, emphasizing the furniture’s attractiveness is critical. As a result, K-Render Studio has concentrated its efforts on interior design.

Materials in Kenli showroom

The light is not uniformly spread across the space, but rather concentrates on the most opulent interior items. It seems like TPlace Project of K-Render. As a result, interior objects take center stage and convey the design’s spirit.

  • Materials

The furniture in the showroom is all of the highest quality. The product material reflects this superiority.

The artist’s job is to make this material look as real as feasible.

The brown wooden table, which has a lot of wood, is represented beautifully. Furthermore, the light from the lamp is reflected by this table, making the environment feel cozier.

  • Colors

We tried to display the colors nicely because our client wanted to demonstrate the product’s elegance and Kenli’s space to please their customer.

Color has a big impact on how well renderings turn out. The painters depicted the contrast of colors in space in a masterful manner. The color of a kitchen cabinet, in most cases. The cabinet is a multi-colored brown. The artist’s colors have been precisely drawn, giving the impression that the visitor is looking at a real cabinet.


K-Render makes every effort to provide our clients with the most accurate and realistic renderings possible. The renderings will demonstrate how fantastic the design is.

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