A Wide Interior Space of K-Render Product – TPlace Project

A Wide Interior Space of K-Render TPlace Project

In this article, we will introduce the Tplace project as well as the TPlace rendering process that K-Render has done?

About the Tplace project

In the first part, we will introduce a little bit about the parameters related to the Tplace project.

Client’s initial idea of ​​Tplace project

The Tplace project is a resort and living villa house of a family in a complex of apartments with a large area and garden.

About the Tplace project

We K-Render are the first to hear about Tplace ideas shared by customers.

  • Firstly, the customer’s desire is to turn the Tplace into the most comfortable and complete place to live and work to meet the wishes of customers and people in this place.
  • Secondly, the original idea also shows the great ambition of the investor when placing Tplace in a place that is the center of the city. It has an area of ​​​​nearly 1000 square meters and the cost to complete this project is also extremely large.
  • Thirdly, the furniture and appliances placed in the house are selected and decided by the contractor. All of them bring elegance and sophistication, extremely suitable for the space that the Tplace is aiming for.

The layout of the Tplace house

The following is the layout of the interior space inside the Tplace space

  • Floor 1: large living room and kitchen
  • Floor 2: large bedroom with working and resting space
  • Floor 3: small bedroom and clothes room

Rendering process of the Tplace project

In this sequel, we will introduce the process of project visualization Tplace.

How to use light in the Tplace house

First of all, the K-Render illustrators cleverly used most of the natural light in the Tplace house.

  • Natural light will make the house brighter. Besides, natural light also makes the colors and materials of the furniture in Tplace more special and more realistic.
  • The illustrators used the rendering software’s lighting technique to bring customers the most luxurious and realistic Tplace product.

Choosing the right materials for the Tplace space

The next important factor is choosing the right materials for the Tplace house.

  • Firstly, choosing the right material here can be understood as having to decide whether the input will be used. Or what is the material of those utensils? For example, wood, brick, stone, glass.. And in Tplace, we use most of the materials are wood, stone and brick to add a luxurious part to the house. The illustrators made excellent use of the tools to accurately render the Tplace project contractor’s agreed-upon material. The results show that the color and realism of the image will really amaze us.
Choosing the right materials for the Tplace space
  • Secondly, the color scheme in the Tplace house is also considered the material selection of the rendering process. While other houses all combine bright white tones and a bit of modernity, at Tplace, deep and glossy tones are used more often. But not because of the use of dark colors, the house looks warm. In contrast, with the walls painted white or the colors more prominent than the color of the furniture, elegance and sophistication are excluded from the Tplace project illustration.

Finding the right shooting angle for the Tplace house

And the last factor that we want to mention here is the camera angle.

  • In architectural rendering, the camera angle is an indispensable factor. It will help customers and viewers to feel the entire space of the building/project.
  • With Tplace is a house with a fairly large area, so the number of equivalent scenes will also increase. Besides, the shooting angles used and selected by the illustrators will also be more diverse and satisfy the viewer’s vision.

General comments on the rendering of the Tplace’s furniture project

And finally, after receiving the render, our customer was extremely satisfied with the quality of the product K-Render provided.

General comments on the rendering of the Tplace’s furniture project

Once again, we are extremely grateful to our customers, especially the investor of the Tplace project – the dream house for trusting and helping us to have this great opportunity to cooperate. K-Render we will always do a good job and bring customers unforgettable product quality and service experience.

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